Doctor's Name Specialty Sub Specialty
Dr. Jonathan Del Prado Ophthalmology Orbit and Oculoplastic
Dr. Jeffrey Lim Ophthalmology Retina and Vitreous
Dr. Axel Sucalet Ophthalmology
Dr. Mariano Ho Ophthalmology
Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal, III Ophthalmology
Dr. Lizbeth Regner Ophthalmology Pediatric and Neuro Ophtha
Dr. Michiko Vergara Ophthalmology
Dr. Patricia Calderon Ophthalmology
Dr. George Christopher c. Chan Ophthalmology Retina and Vitreous
Dr. Nikki Jane C. Lim Ophthalmology
Dr. Bienvenido Cimafranca Ophthalmology Glaucoma
Dr. Myra Ocubillo Ophthalmology
Dr. Pedro Rosell Ophthalmology

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